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Do i write all of you lovely modes out, major and minor (melodic) , do i for each one, learn your intervals, learn your placement on guitar, learn each triad related to each note in each mode, the transitions between each modes, what sounds compliment each other, this is going to be alot of effort but i am very much tempted…


so this is my friend steve.
i personally think everyone should re-blogg this because its so fucking funny and everyone else should see it because it will make people smile. PEACE 

yeah this is me… this piece is the shortened version of the real thing, the real thing will come in good time ;)

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Writing some riffs and solo’s whilst drinking hot chocolate from my penis mug :) 

p.s, sorry i look a fucking messsss

Bring Me The Horizon and Funeral For A Friend Guitar Picks :3 Caught them when i went to go see each band :3 Never going to use them, they mean LOADS to me <3 

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