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My Dream, weird.

i had the weirdest dream i have ever had in ages, i can’t remember the start but i remember from… me deciding to go for a run along the cycle track, i came across bushes that i never saw before and a field, but i kept running then i came across this little town that i’ve never seen, it had a church, little shop, and old people. there was an old guy in a hat sat on a white fence, so i went up and talked to him, we literally talked about life, then i walked into a church service, it wasn’t a normal church, the seats were like a cinema, all row after row going up. so i sat in the middle, and i started to cry when the guy started talking, so i walked and sat right at the back, when the song came, i stood up and held a bible and sang this hymn, i then sat back down and there was this girl, she talked to me and we ended up kissing, weird. i don’t even know who it was, and then i remember walking out of the church and down this road, the houses were really old and battered like woody and rubbish paint, and there was a pub on the end of the corner, so i went in there with some friends and there was my friend cookie playing guitar in the middle and she said hello, i then saw this girl i like and she looked at me and i looked away,i grabbed a pint and walked outside because i felt uncomfortable that i would be ruining her evening. so i was sat outside with my friends and she came out and started talking to me, i was really shy, and Charlotte came out this girl told her to go away, and me and her talked for a while then i remember jogging off home :S  Why do i remember this so well ? 

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